WOCAA: Resonance

198 Contemporary Arts & Learning is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Women of Colour Art Award Exhibition: Resonance. 

Curated by Languid Hands.

Resonance is a multidisciplinary exhibition exploring that which lingers after the fact, temporarily, geographically or materially speaking. Resonance spotlights the practices of seven women of colour artists currently working in the UK: award-winner Rebecca Bellantoni and finalists Jessica Ashman, Tamara Al-MashoukArianna CheungTyreis HolderShamica Ruddock and Joyce Treasure.

Photo credit: 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

Intimate Xenolith

Intimate Xenolith is a soundscape and installation combining mythology, ritual, and geology to form a speculative ancestral narrative around healing, initially created as part of a 2021 pilot residency at Lapworth Museum of Geology. The work features a handmade bust, sculpted using skeleton leaves, wool, synthetic hair, mycelium packing and cowrie shells. To the right of the bust is its own shadow cast on the wall; the display box to its left, on loan from Lapworth Museum, contains the ultramafic igneous rock peridotite, and the mineral olivine. Peridotite is a geologically significant rock within the Earth's mantle, believed to be the source of material for the oceanic lithosphere, the outer layer of the Earth's surface. The accompanying soundscape, accessible via headphones, includes text written by Joyce Treasure and orated by the poet Red Medusa, as well as field recordings by Pauline A Bailey, Ola Brown, Rachel Brown & Aerona Moore. Intimate Xenolith explores the question: 'can we study the success of natural science, like a planetary oracle, to grasp how social science can proceed? Are there important resonances between the material and immaterial sciences?'.

12 April, 2023
Joyce Treasure
Multidisciplinary Artist
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