Joyce Treasure is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Black Studies from Birmingham City University in 2020. Intersecting politics, care, and satire, she explores how changing climates affect bodies, places, and well-being. Transforming an assemblage of objects and images into allegories of experiences, she cuts between collage, painting, drawings, performance, film and speculative writing. She reimagines identities by investigating ideas of dominance and power, engaging with new technologies, metaphors, myths, and rituals. The purpose is to activate healing, process trauma, and shed light on collective histories by proposing alternative realities rooted in reality as a reparative tool.

Originally trained as a silversmith, she began her career running a company in the applied arts for 12 years before retraining as a screenwriter and filmmaker, where she received a certificate in scriptwriting from Birkbeck University, which led to her winning a writing award where her film was made and funded by BBC and ABI. She founded a community interest company, Treasure Films, that supported young people and adults in filmmaking, working in schools, youth centres and local community centres.​​

In 2019, she was awarded an arts residency at Grand Union and Bruntwood, where she now sits on the board as a trustee. In addition to being an awardee of the Womxn of Colour Art Award, 2022, from 198 Contemporary Arts Gallery, she is currently the recipient of an Arts Council DYCP fund.

"My practice emerged from a place of self-care and my experience of racism. As I continue my study, I am focusing on how personal experiences can be merged with research and performance to create a trauma-informed praxis, whereby I create fantastical worlds rooted in theory that can exist amidst disorder. I am interested in delving into traditional modes of communication and philosophy from the African continent combined with my British heritage."

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