November 3, 2020
The Breakaway State phase one/two (clip)

The #ParallelState, is a breakaway state, a place to collectively imagine alternative solutions to life on earth. They have commissioned three artists Sam Metz, Lavz and Joyce Treasure funded by Future's Venture, to create new works that contribute to the evolving cultural landscape of a new country, hosted ‘in Bristol’ by zoom.

Breakaway State is produced in three parts. Phase one and two arrive as a performance art video piece created in May in response to a global pandemic and Black Lives Matter. The video responds to binary locations and its emerging “trap door”. The third phase arrives as a form of fictional academic writing - the month is November, and the year is 2020.

Phase three of the Breakaway State

“Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower ” written and performed by Susumu Yokota appears courtesy of Lo Recordings. Published by Hub 100 Publishing

Power Boost by Raphael Torres

Joyce Treasure
Multidisciplinary Artist
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