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About Joyce //.

"Art can be useful in raising awareness; to have meaning beyond the self that can draw upon the past, present and future and by doing so, connect with others."

Joyce Treasure is a multidisciplinary artist ~ she gained her BA (1st) Honours in Black Studies from Birmingham City University. Originally trained as a silversmith, she also has experience working within the creative industry, including metals, prop making and photography. From 1998 onwards: scriptwriting, editing, directing and DV film production. In 2012, she began to practice as a multidisciplinary artist working in layers and body forms to slice cultural and iconic imagery together using collage, print, acrylic, assemblage and film around the topic of identity. She employs notions of 'the carnivalesque', feminism and decolonial thought to question colonialism, which seeks to examine ideas of dominance and power and celebrate culture.

Born in Stourbridge in 1965, West Midlands and raised in separate households by her English mother and Jamaican father, she experienced two cultures. She draws on her mixed heritage to explore feelings of loss, absence, omission, presence, memory, recovery, and exchange. Treating this knowledge as resourceful material to experiment between the personal and the social, Joyce is interested in the tension that can arise through this research and how it correlates within the social structures of power and knowledge.

She worked as a street artist for a short period as it offered her direct connection with people, seeing it as a performative opportunity absent of gallery limitations.

Joyce began a 4 months travel research trip in 2017, visiting Jamaica, Haiti, New York, Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, and Nigeria, which has greatly influenced her practice.

Her current work seeks to interrogate colonial histories of trauma, resistance and survival to analyse parallels between different sites and locations using decolonial reasoning. She is interested in the intergenerational transmission of trauma as a site for healing and well-being.

Screening and exhibitions include ICA, Portobello Film Festival, Himalaya Palace, The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Kijkruimte, Bishopsgate institution, Tate Liverpool, Selfridges, Eastside Projects and Grand Union. One of five winners of BBC Bollywood Shorts, funded by BFI and BBC and residencies with Kijkruimte Gallery, Netherland, Grand Union and Bruntwood, Birmingham.

Exhibition List //_

Solo Exhibitions 

  • June 6th – July 7th 2019 | Solo show | Cornerblock Building
  • Feb 14th  - Feb 28th 2018 | Solo show | Ashburton Hall, Croydon
  • Aug 2014 | Solo show | Monty’s Bar
  • Nov – Dec 2014 | Solo show | Calabash of Culture

Group Exhibitions/Screenings 

  • July – Sept 2018 | Swop Shop | Tate Liverpool, BCU School of Art, Selfridges
  • August 2018 | 50 / 50 group | Crows Nest Gallery
  • August 2018 | Open Studios | Birmingham Open
  • March – April 2017 | Select artist from public vote |Lovely Gallery
  • April – May 2016 | Sacred Art | Group show
  • May  2016 | Dulwich Outdoor Gallery | Street Art
  • May 2016 | Artists Open House | Dulwich Art Festival
  • July 2016 | Group Show | Lovely Gallery
  • May 2015 | Dulwich Open House | Dulwich Arts Festival
  • Jun – Aug 2015 | Turnpike Art Group | In The Frame
  • Aug 2015 | Turnpike Art Group | Monarchy
  • April 2014 | Group Show | Monty's Bar
  • July 2014 | Group Show| Lovely Gallery
  • May 2013 | Dulwich Open House | Dulwich Art Festival
  • May 2013 | Dulwich Street Art | Dulwich Art Festival
  • June 2013 | Fragments of Isolated Faculty |Fitzrovia Noir
  • Aug 2013 | Street Art Festival | Sydenham Art Festival
  • Oct 2013 | Lambeth Open | Portico Gallery
  • Oct 2012 | I Art. Participatory project | Peckham Shops
  • May 2012 | Open House |Dulwich Art Fair
  • July-Aug 2012 | Now Is The Time | Deptford X
  • July 2012 | Sydenham Arts Trail | Sydenham Arts Festival
  • Oct 2012 | Group show | Peckham Space
  • Nov 2011 | Group show |Alhambra, Sydenham, SE26
  • May 2010 | Touch of Klass film| I Am | Dulwich Art Festival
  • Oct 2010 | Touch of Klass film| Space Station Sixty Five
  • Nov 2008 | Any Media Documentary | Mediamatic BANK Amsterdam
  • Nov 2007 | Korsakow film | ICA, London
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