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Be Mine.

Directed by Esther May-Campbell
 Written by Joyce Treasure
 Produced by Justin Edgar

Be careful what you wish for.

In a bewitching musical drama Tina longs for what she can’t have. When it magically appears in her local junk shop, what unfolds is a dancing whirlwind of colour and song.

A 10-year-old girl’s desire to own a retro Raleigh Chopper bike is expressed through song and dance. Each song takes her into a fantastical world where she’s able to be closer to her dream bike, which in truth represents her absent father. Tina finally gets what she wants but at her price; her brother is arrested for the theft of the bike. With the brother’s freedom hanging in the balance, and her mother on the brink of a breakdown, Tina has to decide – bike or family.

Joyce was chosen as one of five winners of a Bollywood scriptwriting competition, where her film Be Mine was funded by the BBC and ABI, and directed by Esther May Campbell

“The idea for the script came from a typical event that occurred at Christmas time in 1977. My brother, who was renown for being a bit of a tealeaf, ‘gave’ me a Raleigh Chopper bike. Whilst gleefully paraded around the streets, a classmate, in front of all my mates, requested that his bike be returned – which in brummy speak means – I got a kicking.

Besides the moral issues regarding theft, it hadn’t occurred to my brother that very few kids on our estate could afford such a desirable item, let alone that the person it belonged to was a close neighbour.

The event helped me to write my first script. The BBC picked it up and the script was developed with Esther May-Campbell, director and Justin Edgar, producer. Be Mine is an embellished version of the same story.”

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