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  • Be Mine.

    BE MINE Joyce was chosen as one of five winners of a Bollywood scriptwriting competition, where her film Be Mine was funded by the BBC and ABI, and directed by Esther May Campbell…

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  • Cubism

    Joyce was employed as a lead artist to create a 4-day workshop to encouraged children to think about what happened to people during the Holocaust…

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  • Deep Within are Hidden Treasures

    Installation piece where Joyce asked people who participated to post their dream through the “post your dreams here” letter box, which sat inside a wardrobe…

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  • Diary Drama

    Joyce worked with drama specialist Dee Parmar and years 6 children. The children looked at a diary written by a Jamaican child who immigrated to England During the 1940’s…

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  • Fairy Case (2004)

    To make magic the small oddities of life. A stranger leaves a little more than just a discarded suitcase…

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  • Holocaust Memorial Day

    Each year 150 children take part in Holocaust Memorial Day, funded by Lewisham council. Joyce was employed as video artist to work with drama specialist, performance poet, artists and dance specialist…

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  • Home Sweet Home_under construction

    Home Sweet Home_under construction was a residency where Joyce wrote a participatory art project that looked at social meeting areas of Amsterdan Noord that have disappeared or under threat of closure…

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  • Memories of War

    Memories of War is a documentary film funded by Award For All and made by 10 and 11-year-old children from Campsbourne Primary School, Hornsey…

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  • Welcome to England

    Welcome to England is a documentary film funded by Awards For All and made by 10 and 11-year-old children from Middle Row Primary School…

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  • I Am

    A participatory project designed for Dulwich Festival where Joyce invited participants to tag themselves with their personal identity tag…

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