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Fifty Guinea Scarf

Introducing the FIFTY GUINEA SCARF. A limited edition accessory designed by Joyce Treasure.

Only fifty of these first-class scarves will be made, as part of the Black Money Collective series; a small body of prints, original artworks and accessories that create new narratives regarding identity, making enquiries into our visual history to animate a new sense of what is real.

Fifty Guinea Scarf

A progressive fashion statement printed on to GOTS certified fabric.

. GOTS certified 100% cotton satin fabric.

. Measures 31cm x 150cm.

. Wash separately the first time at 60 degrees, theit recommendsnd 40°C or 60°C.

. Made in Britain.

An ethical “Kiss My Earth” garment made from sustainable materials. The urban style design makes this item suitable for all sexes.

artist statement:

“I actually buy most of my clothes from charity shops, so I wanted to design a light-weight scarf that would jazz up my charity wardrobe. It had to be ethically sourced. This has been very important to me, so it has taken sometime to find the correct material with a lot of back and fourth. Initially I went for a recyclable polyester. That changed to a sustainable lyocell, but then switched to 100% cotton satin. The design is punk in nature and reflects my artwork and probably a throw back, as I’m a child of the 70’s. So I took one of my Black Money prints and arranged the pattern in a repeated layout, as if the money had been scattered. The Fifty Guinea scarf is a fun accessory and makes for a good conversation. My question: What value do we place on ourselves, on money, and on what we are told? I like to make art that helps us to question, to go deeper. It’s art on a scarf”

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This Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) fabric means it protects not only the environment but everyone involved in the production chain.

Kiss My Earth

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