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Tribal News

“Before nations and religions there were tribes….”

On the 30th September to 2nd October I will be showing work at Tribe16 International Art Festival organised by Chrom- art. You will be able to find over 120 participating artists at:

The Ugly Duck, 47,49 Tanner St, SE1 3PL

The private view is on the 30th Sept between 6.30pm – 10pm by invitation only,
Saturday, 1st October 9am – 7pm
Sunday, 2nd Oct 9am – 5pm

To link to the facebook event page, please click HERE

There will be live performance, fine arts, dance and installations and a new collection of original mixed media collage pieces from me that muse ideas relating to decolonisation, post colony, drawing on black history and identity.

Recently I was in Jamaica for my fathers funeral, whilst I was there I created a piece titled “Coincide”, a mixed media collage which depicts Queen Nanny conversing with Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Nanny, a leader of the Jamaican Maroons, was a great female warrior that fought against the British, after escaping enslavement during the 18th century. Brought to the Caribbean from the Ashanti tribe of present day Ghana, she was thought to have the powers of Obeah. This was believed to give her extraordinary leadership strength. Queen Nanny built a strong community in Blue Mountain, the parish of Portland, Jamaica until she died in the 1730’s.

Coincide by Joyce Treasure

Using the same collage, mixed media process, I have continued to make art pieces that juxtapose European with African and African diaspora heritage. Pulling ideas from history and legends and how they affect our current social, economic landscapes and psyches. Between research and spontaneous creative flow, I have produced new pieces that are in progress, especially made for Tribe16 that I would love you to see in the flesh.

“Before nations and religions there were tribes.

The definition of tribe implies living as one with the environment and others, to take only what’s needed and to give back. Artists from all over the world, we are still one tribe, and we have a huge role to play in the moral economy, not just the market economy, to influence society through the power that art has to focus on what unites people, fighting the antagonism we witness again and again.

Tribe is not about decorative art, but provocative art; not from a lazy popularity point of view, but thought provoking. Tribe has no political or religious affiliations of any kind; we are only moved by our belief in the power that us artists have in our hands and hearts to change the world for the better.”

TRIBE Manifesto

Look forward to seeing you there!


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