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DNA My Dad part 1

pic: Mr Vincent Treasure aka Roy

­Christmas 2015 my daughter Freya bought me a DNA kit from Shortly after in March 2016 my dad suffered a stroke and past away. The passing of my dad during this period of time weighed heavy and it was difficult for me to return to the search to see further how I wished to unpack the findings. A year has passed and I made the decision to give up my lovely p/t job teaching art today patients at St Johns Hospice and commit full time to my artwork and looking deeper into my heritage. I’m now back in Jamaica to commemorate my dad’s passing and to investigate some of Jamaica’s history. From here I plan to travel further. A venture of curiosity to enrich and add to my life experience and to inform my artwork. Over the next 4 months, I’ll touch on parts of the Middle Passage and blog my journey as I go. I’ll express and share my experience with my artwork, photography, field sound, poetry and film.

My trip will take me to:

New York

Thereafter, I’ll return to the UK to embark on an undergraduate degree in Black Studies, the first of its kind, at Birmingham City University in September 2017.

This audio is a documented recording of my dad and me speaking over the phone shortly after receiving the DNA present from Freya. 🇯🇲 it’s such a joy to hear his voice. It’s almost like he is still here with me and I’m pleased I managed to record this moment.
A memory.
A snippet of time.
A fraction in the universe.

Audio dad DNA

It is my intent to share with others that wish to undress and investigate their own heritage. For some Caribbean people, due to the transatlantic enslavement, when searching our lineage a brick wall is hit, as many people lost their original names and identity and were branded with slave owner’s surnames. So far in my own finding Campbell, my grandmother’s name is listed with several slave owners bearing that name. Unlike Treasure, my grandfather’s name that isn’t showing thus far, as belonging to a slave owner.

For further information and to search UCL database, please visit: The Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership. Click here

  1. Further to this blog my good friend Karen Arthur and creator of ReddskinUK, recently interviewed me to ask me what item of clothing bore significance to me. I chose my dad’s pork pie hat, as it came with him when he first came to England in the 60’s and I always remember him wearing it. To read the interview, please click here

Photo by @reddskinuk

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