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All The Produce Of The Land

Having completed and passed the first year of my BA (Hons) Black Studies at Birmingham City University, I welcome the summer holidays.

As a consequence of the black studies course material and a collaboration with Luke Sewell, our art object All The Produce of The Land will be on show for Tate Liverpool Swop Shop exchange programme. The project has been programmed by Birmingham City University, a Tate Exchange Associate, with support from Selfridges. As featured on Tate Liverpool, Swop Shop  website page.

“All the Produce of the Land is an art object which interrogates the manufacture of guns and money, how the two are so strongly linked, particularly in Birmingham, and the role Birmingham-made guns played in the trafficking of humans from West Africa to the Caribbean.

The work features Samuel Galton Jnr’s defence of his gun making business before the Quaker Society of Friends – a self-serving excuse which unexpectedly highlighted a much wider complicity in systemic oppression throughout society. Also featured are two characters on our money – Matthew Boulton, Galton’s associate who minted money for over half the world, and Queen Nanny of the Maroons, an Ashanti woman who led a slave revolt against the British and became a Jamaican national hero.
All the Produce of the Land will be on display at Tate Liverpool from 28th July – 1st July as part of Tate Swop Shop an art event aimed at exploring notions of value and exchange.“ Luke Sewell.

For further information on how you would go about obtaining this object, where no money is exchanged, please visit Tate Liverpool online here to learn how the exchange program works.

For further details regarding all the art objects, please visit BCU website.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Luke and I will be on site at the Tate Liverpool to answer any questions you might have on Saturday 30th from 10.30am onwards.

Thank you for your continued support.
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