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The Invisible Hand

Fig 1 – The Invisible Hand “The Invisible Hand” is an art object created out of the 2nd phase of Birmingham School of Art’s Swop Shop Programme. SWOP SHOP will pop up in Selfridges Birmingham between 21st – 30th September 2018, as part of Birmingham’s Live and Loud. I have been working in collaboration with […]

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03 August – 23rd August ITSBIGANDITSRACINGTOWARDSYOUW106RPARTISTIC Group Show. To help develop the artistic abilities, communication and social skills of artists that need any additional #support. Crows Nest Gallery, London, W10 6RP  

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All The Produce Of The Land

Having completed and passed the first year of my BA (Hons) Black Studies at Birmingham City University, I welcome the summer holidays with glee. I got through…  YES!! Hard work for my right sided art brain, but it’s all good. I am thrilled to share my latest news… as a consequence of course material and a collaboration […]

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Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind by Joyce Treasure is a nod to the epic civil war film set in Atlanta Georgia, Gone With The Wind, starring Vivien Leigh and Clarke Gable. Given the civil war setting of the movie, there are few roles or scenes that depict the authentic struggles of black people in the south. […]

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I created this untitled mixed media piece that reflected women I had been reading about. The women that had the courage to speak out against injustice in the face of falling out of the system and the social boundaries placed on them. I wrote a poem to accompany the art piece. In a way, it […]

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Seville Great House

Washington, Vinell and Bill are in the yard working. The pigs are being fed. A routine that begins predawn as the cocks crow, signalling 24 hrs. When I wake up to greet them a couple of hours later, it’s 7 am. I ask my brother in laws, where is Seville Great House? I want to […]

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Wicked White Witch of Rose Hall

Rose Hall Facts get swallowed up and regurgitated for what purpose? How do we measure an understanding so that we may operate from a point of truth? And when there is a fabrication for the purpose of poetic licence is it the duty of the author to make it clear that the entertainment is fictional? […]

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Selected Artists from Public Vote 2016 show

THE LOVELY GALLERY 140 Sydenham Road, SE26 You are warmly invited to The Lovely Gallery’s Selected Artists from Public Vote 2016 show. Open 24th Feb – 5th March This work depicts an image of Elizabeth Fry being replaced by Winston Churchill. I am interested in the theory of how colonialism rests at the core of inequalities due to the […]

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Litany For Those At Sea

I’m pleased to announce the sale of “Litany For Those At Sea” a painting I created for #TRIBE15 in 2015, courtesy of I created a mock-up of the idea in 2011 by making a small piece titled “Our Father”. Litany For Those At Sea, began in July 2015 and I photo-documented the process. You […]

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Tribal News

“Before nations and religions there were tribes….” On the 30th September to 2nd October I will be showing work at Tribe16 International Art Festival organised by Chrom- art. You will be able to find over 120 participating artists at: The Ugly Duck, 47,49 Tanner St, SE1 3PL The private view is on the 30th Sept […]

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