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Joyce Treasure is a mixed media artist living in Birmingham…

Joyce Treasure is a mixed media artist living in Birmingham.

She works in layers and body forms to slice cultural and iconic imagery together using collage, print and acrylic. Treasure is interested in exploring new narratives regarding identity and social settings on a contemporary landscape, making enquiries into our visual historic backdrops; the examined and unexamined, the seen and the unseen. She tries to increase the spirit between author and audience by investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations. Her work uses symbols of power, travel and finance to represent hierarchy, imperialism and colonialism. Within this she also looks at how this affects her own identity as a mixed heritage female in a patriarchal setting.

Joyce embarked on a journey between 1st March 2016 to 4th July 2016 that took her through parts of the Middle Passage, visiting Jamaica, Haiti, New York, Senegal, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

She will further investigate the topic of Black identity by commencing a BA (Hons) Black Studies at Birmingham City University in September 2017 to further develop her artwork, philosophy and profession.

We Will Not Become What We Mean to You Barbara Kruger

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  • July - September 2018 
    Swop Shop
    Birmingham School Art
    Tate Liverpool
    Selfridges Birmingham 
    Public Exchange programme
    Aug 03 - Aug 23 2018
    Group show
    The Crows Nest Gallery
    Aug 3rd - 4th Aug 2018
    Open Studios
    Birmingham Open 2018
    Feb 14 - Feb 28th 2018
    Solo show
    Our Visual Cortex and The 
    Ashburton Hall
  • March 1st - July 4th 2017 
    DNA Travels to obtain historic and  
    art knowledge:
    Jamaica, Haiti, New York, Senegal, 
    Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria
  • March - April 2017 
    Selected Artists from Public Vote
    Lovely Gallery
  • April - May 2016 
    Group Show
    Sacred Art
  • May 2016
    Group Show
    Artist's Open House
    Dulwich Festival
  • Sept 2015 
  • Aug 2015 
    Turnpike Art Group
  • Jun - Aug 2015 
    Turnpike Art Group
    In The Frame
  • May 2015 
    Radical Book Fair
    Group show
  • May 2015 
    Dulwich Open House
    Dulwich Festival
  • Nov - Dec 2014
    Solo show
    Funk The Queen 
    Calabash Of Culture
  • Aug 2014 
    Solo show  
    Funk The Queen
    Monty's Bar
  • July 2014
    Group show 
    Lovely Gallery
  • May 2014Dulwich 
    Open House
    Dulwich Festival
    April 2014 
    Group Street Art Show 
    Paul Don Smith 
  • Sept - Oct 2013
    Lambeth Open 
    Portico Gallery
  • Aug 2013 
    Sydenham Arts Festival
  • July 2013 
    Street Art Festival
    Sydenham Arts Festival
  • June 2013 
    Fragments of Isolated Faculty
    Fitzrovia Noir
  • May 2013 
    Dulwich Art Festival
    Dulwich Street Art
  • May 2013 
    Dulwich Art Festival
    Dulwich Open House
  • Dec 2012 
    I Art Peckham Shops
    Installation participatory piece
  • Oct 2012 
    Public Participatory 
    Art project
    Residency Kijkruimte, Amsterdam
  • July  - Aug 2012 
    Now Is The Time
    Deptford X
  • July 2012 
    Sydenham Arts Festival
    Sydenham Arts Trail
  • May 2012 
    Dulwich Art Fair
    Open House
  • Nov 2011 
    Group show
  • Aug 2011
    Group show 
    Cafe Gallery
  • July 2011 
    Sydenham Arts festival
    Sydenham Arts Trail
  • Dec 2010 
    Group show
    Peckham Space
  • Oct 2010 Space 
    Touch of Klass
    Station Sixty-Five
  • May 2010 
    Dulwich Art Festival
    Touch of Klass / I am
  • Nov 2008 
    Mediamatic BANK
    Any Media Documentary
  • Nov 2007 
    ICA, London
    Korsakow film
  • Feb 2005 
    Be Mine
    short film 
    Himalaya Palace
  • Nov 2004
    Portobello Film Festival
    short film “Fairy Case”
  • 1987 -1999
    Joyce Treasure 
    Jeweller (silversmith)


  • Nov 2008 IDFA 2008 
    Documentary, Any Media
  • July 2008 
    Living Values Education
    Train-the-Trainer Workshop
  • Jun 2004 
    Four Corners
    AVID Editing
  • Jun - Sep 2002 
    DV Film Shoot, 
    Directing Digital, 
    Film Budgeting, 
    FCP Editing.
  • 1998  -1999 
    Birbeck University
    Screenwriting /Media Practice
  • 1990 - 1991 
    Kensington & Chelsea College
  • 1986 - 1987
    Kensington & Chelsea College
    Silversmith and Design
  • 1985 - 1985 
    Kensington & Chelsea College 
    Art Foundation
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